The anti-sleeptraining for babies and kids

Written by Magdalena Kelaridis|Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Lots of people have problems with their own sleep as soon as a newborn comes into their lives. The baby wakes up often during the night and wants to drink etc... As soon as the parents don't get enough sleep their look for ways to change that. So they get a nanny for the night or they ask other parents what they do and how much and long their kids sleep. Not long after asking a couple of parents who come across the tip-> why don't you sleep train your baby. It's great they sleep through the night within a week! And so parents and babies are feeling great and fresh in the morning. What these people don't know is what negative effect this has on the long run! Not only for their basic trust, but also for the relationship to their parents. But it also has physiological effects which come out later on in life. But it could also have effects on their brain development.

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