What is life coaching?

Written by Tejal Kutarekar|Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Hola Everyone,

This time I decided to pen down something about Life Coaching.

I felt addressing some myths and misconceptions related to life coaching along with explaining to you all why It is so crucial to count on any Life Coach under certain circumstances.

To be very honest here, Life Coaching is not as popular as any other field of helping the industry.

Therefore, either some people are totally unaware of this field or those who know the name "Life Coaching" feel like It is a "Monkey Business" that anybody can do successfully.

But Trust me, It is not the case.

So this article would give you brief information about Life Coaching and its enormous benefits which are unknown.

To start with a very basic and obvious question,

What is a Life Coaching?

Life coaching is guidance-based interaction having a future vision rather than considering your past situation.

It is more about changing some habits or a mindset in the present to achieve whatsoever you want in the future.

In short,

It is a future-oriented mechanism.

The next question arises,

Do we need a Life Coach all the time when we feel stuck and stagnated in life?


the answer is "No".

I always believe that we all are blessed with an inner potential to remove all those blocks coming across as we go ahead in life.

Our questions and problems have solutions and many times those solutions are hidden within us.

I always believe that "The client who comes to me must have done their best to live Happily and mindfully, had the best suitable mindset to lead a good life, had inculcated best possible life skills to live purposefully, had put in every possible effort to develop their personality".

But... the moment they feel that something is still lacking within they happily get ready to count on a Life Coach/Helping Practitioner.

And I absolutely appreciate their hard work, perseverance, and efforts for trying their best to leave behind the waste and to accompany the most in life.

In a nutshell,

You believe it or not but,

" You are your best Life Coach who knows you well than anyone else...but a moment when you realize still you lack in finding an oasis in the desert you need to count on a good Life Coach who would guide you along the pathway".

The next question pops up in the mind,

What is that thing which makes every Life Coach unique?

All Life Coaches are well versed and have expertise in the field area they choose for their research, knowledge, and guidance.

That field area is sweetly known as "Niche".

Every coach tries to deliver the best possible knowledge related to Niche that they choose.

If you feel like taking guidance falling in a particular niche area,

Tap the right Coach under whose territory that particular concern falls.

Now, People think being a Life Coach is a "Monkey Business".


Frankly speaking, I do not agree with this statement.

My disagreement is not because I am a life coach. ;)

BECOMING a life coach is easy,
BEING a Life Coach is a big responsibility on the shoulder to guide a client accurately. This is tougher than you could ever imagine.

Next comes the skills set any Life Coach needs to have.

It needs Empathy, Analyzing power, Understanding core area that the Client hints about, eagerness to understand and guide the client, and a lot of patience to write long emails, and edit them several times while going through the content again and again before final submission to the client If the coach is doing E- Life Coaching like me. LOL!!! :D

Jokes apart,

Over and above anything, It needs a driving passion to be with clients for being a reason of changing clients' lives. :)

Now comes the charges part,


It is subjective.

But a client shall not expect free coaching from a Life Coach.

It needs a lot of reading, study, research, analysis to become a Life Coach.

So, respecting our efforts is a real pay-off for any Life Coach.


Is life coaching a fancy trend these days?

The fact is,


Because It is very easy to become the one.

You just need some certifications to brush up on your skills and you are ready to be the one.

Certifications are not mandatory but to enhance skill sets to get started with.

But here I repeat the same words again,

There is a difference between becoming a life coach and being an efficient Life Coach.

This is possible only with Hard work, Perseverance in the initial days till the business gets known among folks, a lot of practice, and experience along the journey.


In the initial phase, you end up discovering thousands of life coaches but only a few pop out to be efficient Life Coaches in the later part of the phase.


Is Life Coaching a time-consuming process?

It is totally a personal framework.


Time depends from coach to coach policy framework.


Is it comfortable to share your story with a stranger?


It is not.

That's why E- Life Coaching wins the race when It comes to being comfortable and flexible to go for life coaching.

To wrap up with a very important question,

Does Life Coaching really help?

No, It doesn't, If you are not ready for a good change.

Yes It does, If you are. :)

Ultimately, It is a life coach's words, and your passion for the change result in a breakthrough.

I hope with this article I addressed a lot of questions that were hovering in your mind about Life Coaching.