I Have Applied Everywhere

Written by Kenzie Wunderlich|Friday, September 3, 2021


Have you ever found that perfect job description and knew that this was the job you have always wanted? And so you frantically pull together your resumes and spiff it up to look a little more qualified, cross your finger and submit it?

Then after you submit you realize there is bound to be someone more qualified anyways and you probably won’t be considered?

If you’re worried about that, you’re absolutely RIGHT.

The average job gets about 250 applications and is really only looking to hire 1-5 people.

That means that you have a low chance of getting hired……. If you do what all the other applicate do (more on that in a minute).

Even worse, if your application is incomplete, or not properly formatted, or if even ONE piece of data is missing…

…any scanning system will DISREGARD your application without even considering it.

And more than that…you need to be absolutely certain that:

Previous job titles


Cover letter

Professional history

Professional skills

…and all the other elements are as PERSUASIVE as possible if you want to succeed.

The honest truth is that the odds are against you.

But they don’t have to be.

Collectively over the past few years, my team and I have collected EVERYTHING necessary to put the odds in your favor in order to get your dream career!

We’ve seen it work time and time again, and it can work for you as well!!

I know that as a person who wants to use their god-given skills to thrive, you need to find a place to apply those skills and show what you can do. And it all starts with getting noticed!

If you go it alone, statistically you’re at odds with success, and you face every challenge with one mind.

Yes, you have a needed skill set. Yes, you can use it to be happy and make others happy. Yes, you are the perfect fit for your chosen field, YES you can do it…

But even so, we’ve seen far too many women get rejected for NO apparent reason…even when they seemed to have it all going for them.

And the real tragedy of this is that with our help, they would have been virtually guaranteed a clear path to sucsess.

I love empowered women. I want you to succeed. We want to help you win.

If you want to discuss how we can work together to change your odds.

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